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East West
from Virgin Records UK's Eden page
[archived here without permission]

Julia FordhamJulia Fordham's new album, East West, like all her albums is intensly personal and shows true emotion and feeling.

"The songs are very varied with all kinds of different origins. I sing in the bath or when I'm walking down the street. Then later I'll sit down with my guitar or with the piano and work on them further. I did about twenty demos altogether of which I selected eleven for the album."

Julia Fordham sings of experiences we can all relate to. East West covers a vast spectrum of feelings and emotions, drawing us in with each new song. The title track of the album captures and sums up the emotion we all feel after someone has left us. The mellow tones of this moving song are truly cathartic, while the ninth song, Magic, shows us that Julia is truely capable of lifting us up and making us share her joy at finding a caring new man.

Do not miss this one, it is one of Julia Fordham's best.