Welcome to Breakdown, an unofficial resource and discussion list about the innovative guitarist/producer Michael Brook. This site is infrequently updated, but contains a great deal of background info which will remain online. For up-to-date news and information, visit Michael Brook's official site and MySpace page.

An unofficial resource and discussion list about the innovative guitarist producer Michael Brook
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Michael Brook: the Breakdown Interview: 25 October 1999

Item! Unfortunately, time constraints are keeping me (the webmaster) from keeping this site up-to-date. I can't promise updates, but it will remain online as an archival information source.

WHAT'S NEWS [archive]

May 2006

Michael Brook has scored the film Who Killed the Electric Car, premiering at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

January 2005

A rare update, with additions to the Scores page: Iron Jawed Angels (guitar), Deadwood (score for 3 episodes), and Straight Up: Helicopters in Action (IMAX score). Also, one track on a Deadwood soundtrack.

August 2002

The latest issue of Real World Notes reports: The track "Opening (Sissi Search)" from Der Krieger + Die Kaiserin was used in the trailer for the film "Shipping News"; Brook and other composers contributed to Hans Zimmer's score for the film "Black Hawk Down"; Brook is scoring the films "Charlotte Sometimes" and "India, Kingdom of the Tiger" and a soundtrack cd will be available for the latter.

18 June 2002

The US release of the second edition of David Sylvian's Camphor (Brook plays on one track) and Damage from Virgin Records.

21 May 2002

The US release of the Zawose / Brook collaboration Assembly from Real World Records.

23 April 2002

Brook plays guitar on Peter Murphy's new album Dust.

10 September 2001

The UK release of a second edition of Damage, remixed by David Sylvian, and substituting "Jean the Birdman" for "Darshan."

August 2001

Gerrit Hillebrand of Trophies.org interviews David Sylvian. Sylvian states he has no immediate plans to record with Michael Brook.

July 2001

Michael Brook produces Claude Chalhoub's new self-titled album.

9 June 2001

Echoes Living Room Concerts 6 features a new live track from Djivan Gasparyan & Michael Brook.

25 February 2001

Steven Davey has licensed all of the Everglades material to the Canadian label Bullseye, for release possibly as soon as this summer.

25 February 2001

Steven Davey reports Martha and the Muffins are looking to release a live concert recording from a 1982 show at Ontario Place, including Michael Brook on guitar.

20 February 2001

Breakdown list member Peter Koniuto reports that David Torn plays the majority of guitar on the Traffic soundtrack, while Brook features in only a few samples.

19 February 2001

Richard Chadwick confirms that Shona and the Lanzarote video are in fact bootlegs. More info on the Shona page.

16 February 2001

Michael Brook plays guitar on Cliff Martinez's score for the film Traffic.

2 February 2001

Breakdown received an email from "Lianne & Carla" objecting to our categorization of Shona as a bootleg. More info on the Shona page.


WHAT'S NEW [archive]

1 June 2002

New in the Discographies: Assembly, Dust and Wild Birds.

13 May 2002

New in the Discographies: Real World Notes 13, Mustt Mustt (single), Now That the Thrill is Gone, Tightrope Walker, A Retrospective, Music for Vampires, Damage (reissue), Starbucks Real World Music, Love is Everything, It Can't Rain All the Time, Spirit of Africa, In the 90's.

28 October 2001

New in the Discographies: Back to Mine and New Life.

30 August 2001

New in the Discographies: Claude Chalhoub, Strange Planet, and a Russian pirate edition of Shona / Captive (courtesy of Gerrit Hillebrand). Updated: Der Krieger + Die Kaiserin.

16 June 2001

New in the Discographies: A Civilised Word, Planet Chant and Echoes Living Room Concerts 6. Updated: ...and Dog Bones Too and Cobalt Blue.

22 April 2001

New in the Discographies: Rough Trade and Music for the Spiritual Tourist. Updated: Joyride, Beautiful, Clustered & Clipped, Shoe Pie.

17 February 2001

New in the Discographies: Traffic, Mission Impossible 2, Fires of Kuwait, The Jaundiced Eye, and Asian Travels.

27 January 2001

New in the Discographies: Maiden Voyage by Global Communication.