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Damage Sylvian Fripp


Sylvian | Fripp


Virgin Records (Venture)
UK: September 2001
US: 18 June 2002

David Sylvian: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Robert Fripp: Guitar, Frippertronics
Trey Gunn: Chapman Stick, Vocals
Michael Brook: Infinite Guitar
Pat Mastelotto: Drums

Live recording engineered by Dave Kent
Produced, engineered and mixed by David Sylvian at Samadhi Sound NH, USA May '01

Tour Co-ordinator: Richard Chadwick
Visual Projects Co-ordinator: Yuka Fujii Lighting and stage design: Haruki Kaito
Tour manager: Tim Hook
Sound Engineer: Dave Kent
Lighting Operator: Phil Wiffen

Artwork: Shinro Ohtake
Artwork photography: Masataka Nakano
Design: Shingo Ikeda (67)
Co-ordination: Hisako Motoo / Yuka Fujii

Special thanks to: Richard Chadwick, Ingrid Chavez, Declan Colgan, Yuka Fujii, Dave Kent, Masa Matsuzaki, Neil Warnock, Toyah Wilcox

All artwork copyright the respective creators. Used here without permission.


  1. God's Monkey (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill)
  2. Brightness Falls (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  3. Every Colour You Are (Sylvian, Karn, Jansen, Barbieri)
  4. Jean the Birdman (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  5. Firepower (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  6. Damage (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  7. Gone to Earth (Sylvian, Fripp)
  8. 20th Century Dreaming (a shaman's song) (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  9. Wave (Sylvian)
  10. Riverman (Sylvian)
  11. Blinding Light of Heaven (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)
  12. The First Day (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn)


David Sylvian's latest solo album, Dead Bees on a Cake, was released in the UK on 15 March 1999 (shortly thereafter in the US), preceded by the first single, "I Surrender", on 1 March 1999 (not to be released in the US). There is talk Virgin will re-release some of Sylvian's back catalogue once the new album is out, possibly including Damage. Robert Fripp posted the following in his online Discipline Global Mobile diary:

"Virgin may re-release Sylvian / Fripp's "Damage" when David's new album (reportedly a triumph) has been released. "Damage" was originally released in limited edition, with a view to full release later. David was unhappy with the mixing (by David Bottrill and myself) and considered remixing it himself. "The First Day" (our studio album) was essentially produced by David and represents his view of our relationship; "Damage" is my own perspective. The Sylvian - Fripp - Gunn live trio, of which I have bootlegs and archive DATs, was a stunning live outfit: in a dangerous place, endangered, and walking the plank... It is unikely that David would allow that archive to be released. I look forward, keenly, to hearing his first solo record for many years."


Damage Damage Damage


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