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The Road to Graceland

The Road to Graceland

David Sylvian and Robert Fripp


limited edition of 666 sets
DSRF 211/2 (Japan)
21 October 1993



  1. God's Monkey
  2. Brightness Falls
  3. Every Colour You Are
  4. Jean the Birdman
  5. Firepower
  6. Damage
  7. Exposure
  8. Gone To Earth
  9. 20th Century Dreaming
  10. Wave
  11. Riverman
  12. Darshan

including Michael Brook opening act

  1. The First Day
  2. Blinding Light of Heaven
  3. Shona (aka "Shona Bridge") 7'43
  4. Urbana (with "After Image") 11'41
  5. Andean 3'56
  6. Err (aka "Cascade") 6'09
  7. Lakbossa 5'38
  8. Kora (aka "Cascade") 4'25


Breakdown correspondent Craig Jennings writes: "There is also a VERY limited edition bootleg (according to the sleeve notes only 666 copies were made) of the Osaka show from the same tour that includes Brook's entire support performance."

Information and images on this page courtesy Gerrit Hillebrand's lovely site Trophies: The David Sylvian Rarities Archive.


Road to Graceland Road to Graceland Road to Graceland


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