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Kings Second Chapter

Kings - Second Chapter

Robert Fripp & David Sylvian


David Sylvian: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Robert Fripp: Guitar, Frippertronics
Trey Gunn: Chapman Stick and Vocals
Michael Brook: Infinite Guitar
Pat Mastelotto: Drums

live bootleg recorded: 12 Novembre 1993
Teatro Verdi
Genova, Italy

The Flying Tigers (an Italian bootleg company), 1994
Images by The Flying Tigers


  1. God's Monkey (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill) 5'52
  2. Brightness Falls (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn) 6'39
  3. Every Colour You Are (Sylvian, Karn, Jansen, Barbieri) 5'36
  4. Jean the Birdman (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn) 3'53
  5. Firepower (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn) 7'29
  6. Damage (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn) 4'31
  7. Exposure (Peter Gabriel) 6'05
  8. Gone to Earth (Sylvian, Fripp) 2'25
  9. 20th Century Dreaming (a shaman's song) (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn) 8'36
  10. Wave (Sylvian) 6'00
  11. Riverman (Sylvian) 5'00
  12. Darshan (the road to graceland) (Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill) 11'05


Images on this page courtesy Gerrit Hillebrand's lovely site Trophies: The David Sylvian Rarities Archive.

Breakdown Commentary

As is often the case with those lovable italian bootleg companies, the track listings and credits on the cd packaging go well beyond errors and typos into the realm of outright confusion.

In the most notable of these inaccuracies, Michael Brook is mistakenly credited as playing drums! Either Mr. Brook's musical horizons stretched considerably (or perhaps better stated, moved in another direction) during the tour, or some poor Italian typsetter was trying his bloody best to transcribe what Sylvian was saying at the end of the tape.

In my attempts to compensate, I have made educated deductions as to the actual date and venue information.

A not altogether bad recording considering its illicit origins, Kings Second Chapter is nevertheless rendered redundant and lifeless by the release of the superb official Sylvian | Fripp live album Damage.


Kings Second Chapter


Damage Damage A New Dream Tokyo 1993 Road to Graceland