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Peter Murphy Dust


Peter Murphy


Metropolis Records
MET 238
23 April 2002

Produced by Mercan Dede & Peter Murphy.
Chief Engineer and Recorded by Daniel Cinelli.
Mixed by Cinelli, Dede, Murphy.
Digital Editing by Daniel Cinelli.
Additional Recording by Tom Tiberio.
Recorded & Mixed @ The Planet, Montreal, Canada.

Graphic Design by Orkan Telhan.


Note: Brook contributes only to those tracks noted below

  1. Things to Remember (Murphy) 7:44
  2. Fake Sparkle or Golden Dust? (Murphy) 8:23
    • Yelda Ozgen: Cello (Viyolonsel)
    • Neva Ozgen: Classical Kemenche
    • Hugh Marsh: Electric Violin
    • Yurdal Tokcan: Ud, Cumbus
    • Michael Brook: Infinite Guitar
    • Scott Russell: Drums, Beat Boxing
    • Mercan Dede: Sound Effects
    • Peter Murphy: Backing Vocals
  3. No Home Without Sire (Murphy) 6:47
  4. Just For Love (Murphy) 6:37
  5. Girlchild Aglow (Murphy) 7:19
  6. Your Face (Murphy) 9:00
    • Ertan Tekin: Mey
    • Hugh Marsh: Electric Violin
    • Scott Russell: Beat Machine
    • Mercan Dede: Percussion, Electronic Sounds
    • Michael Brook: Infinite Guitar
    • Peter Murphy: Backing Vocals
  7. Jungle Haze (Murphy) 7:39
    • Yurdal Tokcan: Fretless Guitar
    • Michael Brook: Infinite Guitar
    • Hugh Marsh: Electric Violin, Keyboard
    • Shankar: Dolak
    • Mercan Dede: Percussion, Electronic Sounds
    • Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Bass
    • Marrhew Burton: Beat Programming
    • Peter Murphy: Keyboads, Backing Vocals
  8. My Last Two Weeks (Murphy) 7:04
  9. Subway (Epilogue) (Murphy / Statham) 7:36

Total running time: 68:13




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