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Traffic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


various artists


TVT Records
9 January 2001 (US)

Cliff Martinez: Original Score
Jeff Rona: music programming and orchestrations
SPLaTTeRCeLL (David Torn): textural construction; guitar
Michael Brook: guitar

Tracks 5 & 13:
Flea: master of the 4-string electrical bassius-o-phellius
Herbie Hancock: electric piano
Alex Acuna and Paulinho Sa Costa: percussion

Track 7:
John Lehmkuhl: drum loop

Design: Concept Arts
Layout: Benjamin Wheelock


  1. Helicopter (Martinez) 2'55
  2. No Swinging in the Club in the Car (Martinez) 2'35
  3. Immunity (Martinez) 1'25
  4. What's Your Daughter On? (Martinez, Rona) 3'51
  5. You Two Don't Like Me (Martinez) 1'32
  6. La Cagaste (Martinez) 2'56
  7. The West End (Martinez) 2'38
  8. I Know She's in There (Martinez) 3'07
  9. La Pura Verdad (Martinez) 2'35
  10. Just Shoot Him (Martinez) 3'05
  11. Loading the Plane (Martinez) 1'50
  12. I Can't Do This (Martinez) 1'46
  13. The Police Won't Find Your Car (Martinez) 3'55


Also includes Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 1 in F Minor (Wilhelm Kempff) and tracks from Morcheeba, Fatboy Slim, Rocker's HiFi, and Brian Eno.




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