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Mission Imposisble 2 Music from the Original Motion Picture

Mission Impossible 2: Music from the Original Motion Picture Score

Hans Zimmer


Uni / Hollywood
13 June 2000

Slamm Andrews: Engineer
Adam Barber: Assistant
Becky Bentham: Production Coordination
Michael Brook: Musician
Desirée Craig-Ramos: Soundtrack Coordination
Tonia Davall: Music Contractor
Geoff Foster: Engineer
Lisa Gerrard: Musician
Nick Glennie-Smith: Musician
Kevin Globerman: Assistant Engineer
Gavin Greenaway: Arranger, Choir Conductor
Mitchell Leib: Executive Producer
Oliver Leiber: Musician
Alan Meyerson: Engineer, Mixing
Jeff Rona: Musician
Tony Stanton: Music Preparation
Marc Streitenfeld: Music Editor
Pat Sullivan: Mastering
Martin Tillman: Musician
Mel Wesson: Musician
John Woo: Executive Producer
Hans Zimmer: Musician, Producer


  1. Hijack (Zimmer) 4:03
  2. Iko-Iko (Zimmer) 3:21
  3. Seville (Zimmer) 4:32
  4. Nyah (Film Version) (Zimmer) 2:20
  5. Mission: Impossible Theme (Schifrin) 0:38
  6. The Heist (Zimmer) 2:22
  7. Ambrose (Zimmer) 2:36
  8. Bio-Techno (Zimmer) 1:42
  9. Injection (Zimmer) 4:48
  10. Bare Island (Zimmer) 5:29
  11. Chimera (Zimmer) 1:42
  12. The Bait (Zimmer) 1:00
  13. Mano A Mano (Zimmer) 4:2
  14. Mission: Accomplished (Zimmer) 1:43
  15. Nyah And Ethan (Zimmer) 5:09




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