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All Virgos Are Mad video

All Virgos Are Mad

various artists



promotional video, limited edition of 1,000


  • Breakdown (Brook)
    • music video directed by Miles Aldridge


Cover scans and information on this page supplied by Bruce Carle.

4AD released this video and a companion cd (which included an unreleased studio track, Diffusion) to promote a series of concerts by 4AD artists in Los Angeles at the Troubadour and McCabe's, from 27 September to 2 October 1994.

Submitted by helpful Breakdown reader Bruce Carle:
"I just watched the "Breakdown" video to see if I could make more sense if it. Most of it is run-of-the-mill footage shot in Spain of typical Spanish stuff: matadors, religious imagery, etc. -- with basic effects added (mostly color and editing tricks). Also interspersed throughout is footage from the London Aquarium concert. Credits say the video was directed by Miles Aldridge.

More information submitted by Bruce Carle on 30 August 1997:
I'm afraid the footage of the Aquarium concert used in "Breakdown" probably won't help much. The whole video is a series of fast cuts from the Spanish footage to Brook playing to the marine life at the Aquarium swimming by and some of Brook standing in front of the tanks. During the live shots he is in front of a bank of equipment but I don't even see any reel to reel decks (they may be there, I just don't see them). You can't see his feet, which could be controlling the effects. I don't know if the entire concert was filmed or not. If it was I think this was the only commercial use of it."


All Virgos Are Mad


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