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A Door in the Air

various artists

Available from Echoes



recorded in London at Michael's apartment on December, 1989


  • Michael Brook: Production 8'48


Brook contributes one track to this cd compilation of live music from the Public Radio International show Echoes.

from the Echoes website:

A Door in the Air is an earlier collection of our monthly Living Room Concerts, live performances recorded in the homes of artists. It's like listening to an hour of Echoes, with Michael Brook in London playing his atmospheric, "infinite" guitar, Robert Rich synthesizing his environmental world space music, and Steve Roach creating a sequencer lattice. David Torn goes from serenity to catharsis with a piece for looped guitar while Ira Stein and Russel Walder bring their piano, oboe and synthesizers to bear on their chamber fusion. Arco Iris creates a lyrical South American fusion.

These performances are available no where else but on this disc. Option Magazine says: "Echoes' producers...do a good job separating real music from new age dreck and this disc shows a similar commitment to quality." Synthesis Magazine says: "For Echoes fans this CD is a real treat."


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