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Mary Margaret OHara Miss America

Miss America

Mary Margaret O'Hara


23 July 1996

producer, final mix: Michael Brook


  1. To Cry About
  2. The Year In Song
  3. Body's In Trouble
  4. Dear Darling
  5. Ahe New Day
  6. When You Know Why You're Happy
  7. My Friends Have
  8. Help Me Lift You Up
  9. Keepin You In Mind
  10. Not Be Alright
  11. You Will Be Loved Again


From Steven Davey:
Michael Brook's work with Mary Margaret O'Hara is over-stated. He did a final re-mix of Miss America after Virgin had refused three previous mixes. She hated it - and still does. This is also the reason she has never released another LP. She's recorded many but Virgin thinks they're commercial suicide so they have let the mystique build. MMoH is a very unusual woman!