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Peter Matthiessen No Boundaries

No Boundaries

Peter Matthiessen


Gang of Seven
28 September 1993

Janet Rienstra; Will Ackerman: Producers
Steven Miller: Engineer

Peter Matthiessen: vocals
Will Ackerman: guitar
Michael Brook: guitar, synthesizer
Kifu Mitsuhashi: shakuhachi
David Samuels: vibraphone

Recorded at Sear Sound, New York in December 1992


  1. Introduction 6'18
  2. Curious Need to Write 3'46
  3. New Yorker 9'07
  4. Zen Practice 11'04
  5. Himalayas 9'01
  6. Om Mani Padme Hum 1'49
  7. Leonard Peltier, in the Spirit of... 9'34
  8. About Indian Country 5'35
  9. Mongoose Story, Zaire 5'06
  10. Cesar Chavez 7'51
  11. Inochi, Life Integrity 2'21


Peter Matthiessen is an internationally known novelist, naturalist and founder of The Paris Review.


No Boundaries