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S'amore 'e mama

S'amore 'e mama

Tenores Di Bitti


Real World Records
24 August 1996

producer, engineer: Michael Brook


  1. Lamentu (music traditional, arr. Tenores Di Bitti; words Tenores Di Bitti) 5'06
  2. Monte Seris
  3. Anghelos Cantade
  4. Sa Ballarina
  5. S'Amore 'E Mama
  6. T'Amo
  7. Sos Ojos Lagrimosos
  8. Su Manzanile
  9. Sos Artigianos
  10. Satiras
  11. S'Annunziata
  12. Sardinia Soundscape


"Lamentu" included on Real World Notes 3.

"T'Amo" included on Voices of the Real World.


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