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Flivva The Name is Schreibman Sympathetic Ear

The Name is Schreibman / Sympathetic Ear



Dog Records
DOG 001

Bass – Andrew James Paterson
Drums – Mary Jane Card
Engineer – Jimmy Bungard
Guitar – Michael Brook
Piano – Phillip Schreibman
Producer – Jimmy Bungard, Phillip Schreibman
Vocals – Marien Lewis ("Sailor"), Phillip Schreibman


Side One:

  1. Bedroom of Flies (Phillip Schreibman) 4:44
  2. Northern Girls (Phillip Schreibman) 2:57
  3. Sailor (Phillip Schreibman) 2:29
  4. The Ritz (Michael Brook, Phillip Schreibman) 3:39
  5. Man in Black (Phillip Schreibman) 2:18

Side Two:

  1. Jack (Phillip Schreibman) 4:16
  2. The Maids (Phillip Schreibman) 6:00
  3. Streetcar Hearse (Phillip Schreibman) 5:00
  4. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out (Jimmy Cox) 4:41.


More information:

From Marc Coulavin:

There is a classified ad in the back of issue No.5 of Shades magazine (August 1979) that says the following:

"FLIVVA'S album (sympathetic ear), a limited Dog 001 release, is still available at Sam's, Records on Wheels, Record Peddler, Millwheel, Canadian Spaces, Beachside Records Works and specially Cheap Thrills (Phil says buy here!). Peter Goddard said it was "a stunning work", "classy and controlled decadence". John Heimbecker, CKMS FM called it "rock and roll for the enlightened eighties", and "the best debut since QUEEN". Wilder Penfield referred to its "first rate songs" as "sardonic". SHADES No.4 encouraged Phil Schreibman to say lots fo things for himself. So don't miss it and then be sorry you did."

From Steven Davey:

I first heard MB's band FLIVVA at A Space. Michael's brother played bass, his girlfriend at the time played minimal drums - snare, I believe - and the songs were written and sung by Phil Schreibman. This would be 76/77 just as the punk thing started in Toronto. Flivva were more arty, obviously, Phil's songs being theatrical show tunes as played by the Velvet Underground. MB played a Hagstrom solid body through a suitcase of customized effects pedals. Yes, he did play very fast but already was doing the heavy-duty sonic thing. I think he was going through a Fripp-Eno-Bowie thing.

They recorded an LP! THE NAME IS SCHREIBMAN was released in 77 - an extremely limited release of maybe 1000 copies. It was on their own label (can't remember what it was called) - I've still got a copy buried somewhere. I tried to help them distribute it, but at the time no one was interested. If it sold 50 copies I'd be surprised. It's not very good, really, but it is MB's first recorded work (I think).


Flivva The Name is Schreibman Sympathetic Ear back cover