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Teresa de Sio Sindarella Suite

Sindarella Suite

Teresa De Sio


double lp, 1998

Teresa De Sio: voice, piano
Piero Pelu: voice
Michael Brook: Infinite guitar, buzz-bass, synthesizer, electric percussion, treatments
Brian Eno: piano, synthesizer,treatments

words by De Sio, music by De Sio, Brook and Eno


Side 1:

  1. Fatica D'amore
  2. Dammi Spago
  3. L'olandese Volaante
  4. Capinera

Side 2:

  1. Bocca Di Lupo
  2. Chi Sta Meglio'e Te
  3. Il Miracolo Di Salvatore Ammare
  4. 'A Neve E'o Sole

Side 3:

  1. La Storia Vera Di Lumpita Mendera (words by De Sio, music by De Sio, Brook and Eno) 16'32
  2. Guerra Alla Guerra


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