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Zizkakan Soley Glase

Soley Glase



Polydor 532410
11 February 1997

Stephane Belmondo
Michael Brook: guitar
Gilbert Pounia: guitar (acoustic), guitar, arranger, vocals
Harry Perrigone: tambourine, choir, chorus, shaker
Pascal Raymond: organ, piano, accordion, arranger, programming, clavier, fender rhodes
Ghjaseppiu Antonioni: choir, chorus
Patricia Chamand: choir, chorus
David Felix
Jocelyne Hoareau: choir, chorus
Phil Lokal: scratching
Paul Mazaka: guitar
Claude Quipandedie: triangle, choir, chorus
Patrick Sida: guitar, arranger, choir, chorus

Pascal Manglou: engineer
Jean Michel Chazal: assistant engineer
Phil Delire: mixing


  1. Maryaz Sekre (Marige Secret) (Pounia) 4'46
  2. K Bar (Pounia/Treuthardt) 3'40
  3. Saigon (Marimoutou/Pounia) 3'15
  4. Nielpou (Brase) (Pounia/Raymond) 3'59
  5. DoDo (Fais Dodo) (Pounia) 4'09
  6. PJ, Fanm 4 Kouler (Gauvin/Pounia) 3'44
  7. Soley Glase (Marimoutou/Pounia) 3'41
  8. E.L.A.O. (Pounia) 3'52
  9. Karyol Bourik (Pounia) 4'11
  10. Akoz (Marimoutou/Pounia) 3'28
  11. Kos a Ou Nana Dan Lamin (Pounia/Treuthardt) 4'31
  12. Bajo Fou (Gauvin/Pounia) 3'54