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Songs of Love & Ecstasy

Songs of Love & Ecstasy

Purna Das Baul


WOMAD Select / Real World Records
27 August 1996

Purna Chandra Das Baul: Ektara, Khamak, Vocals
Subhendu Das Bapi: Dubki, Khamak, Vocals

Michael Brook: Producer
Ben Findlay: Engineer, Mixing
Stephen Lovell-Davis: Photography
Jacquie Turner: Assistant Engineer
Tristan Manco: Design


  1. Ami Kangal (Das Bapi/Traditional)
  2. Ami Morchi Ghure (Das Baul)
  3. Ore Rangila Naiya (Baboo/Das Baul)
  4. Aaj Gubi Ak (Das Baul/Das Baul)
  5. Jagriti (Das Bapi)
  6. Prem Sikhaia (Das Baul/Traditional)
  7. Mantra (Das Bapi)
  8. Mona Jaloa (Das Bapi/Traditional)
  9. Kacha Harite (Das Baul/Monohar)
  10. Happy Soul (Das Bapi)
  11. Tiki Toka Tawga (Das Baul/Das Baul)
  12. Boner Pakhi (Das Baul/Pagla)
  13. Babu Chintaram (Das Baul/Traditional)
  14. Ore Amar Obodh (Das Baul/Traditional)