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Undark One The Strange Famliar

Undark One: The Strange Familiar

Undark (Russell Mills & Miasma)


Time/Emit Recordings, 20 January 1998
Catalogue: Emit 3396

UK: Bella Union, 2000
US: Instinct, 11 July 2000

Sculpted & produced by Russell Mills with Tom Smyth & Will Joss of Miasma.
Russell Mills: bowls, bells, blood flow frequencies, field recordings, hippo-copter, palette knives, piano wires, lion & elephant roarers, flotsam & jetsam & the shed method
Miasma: anchors, undertows & nifty digits throughout
Michael Brook: infinite guitar
Declan Colgan: synthesizer programming
Hywel Davies: ghost cellos
John Kirby, Vicky Miller, Ingrid Perrin & Julie Spencer: cello
The Edge: chase guitar
Brian Eno: select-a-bonk rhythm & sonics
Roger Eno: cloud drones
Robin Guthrie: ziggurat rhythm
Bill Laswell: wolf bass, steam bed & drones
Kevin Shields: sulphur & zugwang guitars
David Sylvian: lyrics, larynx & lumen


  1. Red Scatter (Russell Mills, Brian Eno) 7'25
  2. Ice in the Sleeve (Mills) 7'00
  3. Stone's Eggs (Mills, Michael Brook) 14'34
  4. Blood is Climbing (Mills) 8'54
  5. Rain in Our Room (Mills) 10'51
  6. How Safe is Deep? (Mills, David Sylvian) 7'38
  7. Underground Kite (Mills) 8'59
  8. Her 200 Bones (Mills) 6'53


From the Em:t catalogue:
"Ironically echoing the brand name of Dr. Sabin Von Sochoky's range of luminescent radium-based oil paints, (and coinciding with 100 years of the radiation age), multi-media artist Russell Mills demonstrates a dark and startling transposition of his visual themes as contributions by Brian Eno, David Sylvian, Michael Brook and The Edge are vividly reshaped into complex superimpositions of sound: from deviant funk to dream-state suggestions. The Wire enthuse: "Textural, sophisticated, spacious and dark-hued... compiled with care and imagination, a seductive amalgam of sounds... the sturdy rhythms and tactile mysteries of Undark are a class act..." One of The Wire's 'albums of the year'..."

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