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Live tour dates and concert reviews
Centennial Theatre
Winter, 1992
Edmonton, Alberta, Cananda
by Lam Wong
November 1997

When Brook came to Edmonton in the winter of 1992 to perform live at the Centennial Theatre with James Pinker (the drum engineer and former member of Dead Can Dance), it was a dream come came true to me (I'm sure Jeff Kiebel would agree too). Not to mention the concert was opened with my favourite band and the best friends in town "The Sensualists". Still... as far as I can remember it is the best live performence in my memory. Although I also like other lives such as Dead Can Dance, David Sylvian's "Slow Fire", The Cocteau Twins and James. It was a rare and great experience to be the Graphic Designer for Brook's concert. I used all my Photography and art to produce the Poster and was very pleased to find that Brook and Pinker liked it a lot and both of them had kept a copy. I was proud of that and even more for Brook to have come to Edmonton.

If anyone is interested to view the copy of the Poster, the image is posted under Poster section of my website at www.metrolinx.com/~lwong.