Welcome to Breakdown, an unofficial resource and discussion list about the innovative guitarist/producer Michael Brook. This site is infrequently updated, but contains a great deal of background info which will remain online. For up-to-date news and information, visit Michael Brook's official site and MySpace page.

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Links to information and resources on artists related to Michael Brook and Breakdown.

The Edge back to top

The Official U2 site.

Brian Eno back to top

Future Light - Lounge Proposal, an installation by Brian Eno. Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, 28 August - 8 November 1998.

Gossip is Philosophy, the Wired interview.

SSEYO (Sound Environment) Generative Music 1 page. Extracts from Eno's first generative music album.

More Dark Than Shark, home of the Brian Eno WebRing.

Nerve Net, an information resource hosting the BEEP Discogafie and featuring an opportunity to join the lovely, well - behaved Brian Eno mailing list of the same name. You too can join and bitch about how Eno has gone terribly off track with The Drop.

The Eno World project is a very sharp looking piece of work. It's alternatingly irreverent, intelligent, and crude in the great Eno tradition.

Backwater, my favorite bit being, of course, the Debauchery page. Makes the transition from cross - dresser to pop culture theorist seem logical, no?

EnoWeb '97. Includes extensive information on The Drop and the War Child charity. Hosted by Hyperreal, a general ambient music resource.

Brian Eno: A Multimedia Hypertext Infobase. Rather bland-looking in comparison with the other Eno links on this page, but, as they say, Eno "gives great interview," and there's a good bit of reading to be found here.

Caroline Records distributes some of Brian Eno's recordings in the United States, and maintains a small page to promote these interests.

Brian Eno is a patron of the Global Ideas Bank, which is, in my opinion, a very good idea in itself.

Roger Eno back to top

Caroline Records' Roger Eno page. Commendable for including a discography, and for not chaining him to his more... infamous... brother (some of whose records are also released in the US by Caroline/Gyroscope).

A small Roger Eno page.

Julia Fordham back to top

Virgin Record's official Julia Fordham page, with a nice article about East West. Some interesting comments about Brook's approach to producing the album.

Robert Fripp back to top

Elephant Talk

The real stuff is at the Elephant Talk home page. It's where the cool Fripperfans hang out.

Discipline Global Mobile, Fripp's independent label.

Elephant Tape, the amazing internet jukebox for fans, audients, and enthusiasts of Fripp & co.

A biography from the Sylvian | Fripp "Road to Graceland" tourbook.

It was only a matter of time: Six Degrees of Robert Fripp. The Java is a little cranky, but the project helps illustrate just how much of an impact Fripp has had.

The Greatest Band in the Universe, King Crimson. Who else?

Disciplined, a King Crimson fan page with news, discography, and concert reviews.

Patricia Fripp: Speaker on Change, Promoting Business, Speaking & Marketing. You guessed it: sister Fripp.

Peter Gabriel back to top

Daniel Scott Murray of The All Night Light and Power Company has produced a series of Flash animations based on Peter Gabriel songs: Here Comes the Flood, Games Without Frontiers, Steam, and Lovetown.

Empty White Noise, a lovely new addition to the web of Gabriel fan sites.

Peter Gabriel steps into the web with Radio Real World, a site focused on the activities of Real World, the institution he founded, where he resides and continues to influence. The site covers Real World as a whole: WOMAD, Real World Records, Real World Multimedia, and an area for Peter Gabriel himself.

I Want my Desktop MTV, a Wired article on XPlora1 and other music-related CD-ROMs.

One of the programmers behind Peter Gabriel's CD-ROM Eve has unofficially posted some secrets he slipped into the game.

And Through the Wire, recognized as the best of the unofficial Peter Gabriel home pages. Probably the definitive discography and information resource.

Solsbury Hill, a coffee-tinged fan page. "Killing time between albums" indeed.

The Peter Gabriel Web Ring, a means by which one way wind one's way through and throughout the myriad of unofficial Peter Gabriel homepages.

The Church of Peter Gabriel

Trey Gunn back to top

The official Trey Gunn site. Features a tantalizing discography (most of his early albums were self-distributed cassettes now perhaps forever out of print) and a candid road diary of the 1995 King Crimson shows.

Trey Gunn from the David | Fripp "Road to Graceland" tourbook.

Jon Hassell back to top

Nadabrahma, home of the radio show Power Spot and the Jon Hassell discussion list.

Jon Hassell and Fourth World Music on Hyperreal.

A Perfect Sound Forever features a significant Jon Hassell interview, in which he gripes about how he was there first when it comes to Fourth World.

A small Hassell page including a biography and a discography.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan back to top

The Official Web Site of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Available in English, this site features interviews and a discography (an intimidating discography at that - Khan has released literally hundreds of records).

Jason Lewis back to top

Learn more about the percussionist on Albino Alligator and Black Rock on Ann Dyer's site.

Daniel Lanois back to top

Acadie: Unofficial Home Page for Daniel Lanois. Biography, discography, and discussion list.

Martha and the Muffins back to top

A Martha and the Muffins discography.

Cynosures Hiding in the Air.

Russell Mills back to top

WWW Soup, the official web site of Michael Webster, Russell Mills, and Keiron Alderson.

Permanence, an excellent site cataloguing Mills' extensive work in various media.

Pandit Pran Nath back to top

Visit the MELA Foundation for more information on Hindustani classical vocalist Pandit Pran Nath.

Youssou N'Dour back to top

The Unofficial Youssou N'Dour Home Page.

Jane Siberry back to top

Sheeba Records, All Things Siberry. The official site for Jane Siberry's very own record company. It contains a spiffy article about the album When I Was a Boy.

No Borders Here, an unofficial Jane Siberry web site. It's phenomenally wide-reaching... all kinds of interviews, pictures, and stuff.

U. Srinivas back to top

Virgin France lists the album notes and an article about Dream (in French).

David Sylvian back to top

The Eden David Sylvian site from Virgin Records.

Alchemy (an Index of Possibilities) is a deliciously designed unofficial site. Features news, images, a discography, and information on the numerous artists he has collaborated with.

David Sylvian, specializing in audio interviews.

David Sylvian, documenting the first Nordic Sylvian Convention, spring 1997.

The Permanence of Memory, an Alternative David Sylvian Site features lovely, understated design.

SlowFire - a personal perspective features song samples, news, image galleries, discographies, publications, and Sascha Paulick's personal perspective on Sylvian's music.

Trophies: The David Sylvian Rarities Archive.

La Monte Young back to top

Visit the MELA Foundation for more information on La Monte Young, the father of Minimalism.

Noise back to top

I also maintain a general music page called Noise. Featured artists relevant to Michael Brook and Breakdown include: The Edge, Brian Eno, Julia Fordham, Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Trey Gunn, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Jane Siberry, and David Sylvian.