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Dead Man Walking The Score

Dead Man Walking

various artists


March 1996

Michael Brook: producer / mixer


  1. Face of Love (Khan/Robbins/Robbins) 10'02
  2. Helen Visits Angola Prison (Khan/Robbins) 2'50
  3. Dudouk Melody (A Cool Wind Is...) (Robbins) 1'47
  4. This is the Day the Lord Has Made (Campbell/Smith) 4'02
  5. Possum (Khan/Robbins) 1'21
  6. Shadow (Khan) 3'03
  7. Helen Faints / Helen's Nightmare (Robbins) 1'30
  8. Dudouk Melody (I Will Not Be Sad in...) (Robbins) 2'39
  9. Sacred Love (Sviridov) 3'14
  10. Execution (Khan/Robbins) 4'21
  11. Long Road (Khan/Vedder) 18'41
  12. Isa Lei (Caten) 7'38


Unconfirmed, but Brook probably only contributes to the Khan/Vedder tracks.


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