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U. Srinivas & Michael Brook


"Featuring musicians from Brazil, Canada, England, India, New Zealand, U.S.A."

Produced by Michael Brook
Recorded and mixed at Real World Studios, England
Mixed by Richard Evans, Tchad Blake of Michael Brook (typo?)
Engineered by Richard Evans and Stephen Bray
Sleeve notes: Michael Brook
Real World Records, 29 August 1995

A Real World design
Photography: Michael Brook, Nicola Burgess & Annie Reed


  1. Dance
    (Michael Brook, U. Srinivas, Nigel Kennedy, Nana Vasconcelos, Richard Evans)
    • James Pinker: drum programming
      Michael Brook: keyboard, infinite guitar, drum programming
      Nana Vasconcelos: percussion, vocal
      Nigel Kennedy: violin
      Richard Evans: keyboard bass, acoustic guitar
      U. Srinivas: electric mandolin
      Trey Gunn: stick
  2. Think
    (Michael Brook, U. Srinivas)
    • Caroline Lavelle: cello
      Michael Brook: infinite guitar, buzz bass, keyboard, percussion
      Sikkil R. Bhaskaran: violin
      U. Srinivas: electric mandolin
  3. Run
    (Michael Brook, U. Srinivas, Nigel Kennedy, Nana Vasconcelos)
    • Michael Brook: infinite guitar
      Nana Vasconcelos: percussions
      Nigel Kennedy: violin
      U. Srinivas: electric mandolin
  4. Dream
    (Michael Brook, U. Srinivas, Sikkil R. Bhaskaran, Jane Siberry)
    • Jane Siberry: vocal
      Michael Brook: keyboard, percussion, infinite guitar, bass
      Sikkil R. Bhaskaran: violin and vocal
      Tchad Blake: bicycle bell recording
      U. Srinivas: electric mandolin


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