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When I Was a Boy

When I Was a Boy

Jane Siberry


Warner Brothers
13 July 1993

"Production contributions by Siberry, Brian Eno, and Michael Brook"
"This is Siberry album #6, recorded somewhere between June '91 and Jan. '93"
"All work with Michael Brook done at Reaction Studios, Toronto in Jan '93"
Mastered at Townhouse, London by Tony Cousins with Michael Brook
Michael Brook appears courtesy of 4AD records

Photo / handtinting of Jane by Floria Sigismondi. Design: Jeri Heiden / Lyn Bradley. Painting of "The Vigil" (the shining sea), hieroglyphics, tyger frieze by Tim Lowly.


  • Temple (Siberry) 4'45
    • Produced by Siberry / Brian Eno
    • Additional production (verse drums) and mix by Michael Brook
    • Recorded at Mushroom / Reaction / Westside Studios
    • Brian Eno: oboe, shaker
    • David Ramsden: vocals
    • Ke Myht: guitars
    • Glenn Milchen: drums in chorus
    • Bryant Didier: bass
    • Jamie West-Oram: guitar
    • James Pinker: drums in verses
    • Siberry: guitar noodles, keys, vx
  • Love is Everything (Siberry) 5'50
    • Produced and mixt by Michael Brook at Reaction studios Jan. '93
    • Michae Brook: guitar, infinite guitar
    • James Pinker: drums
    • Siberry: vocals, piano, hammond, keyboards
  • The Gospel According to Darkness (Siberry)
    • Produced by Siberry
    • recorded mainley by Michael Phillip-Wojewoda at Mushroom, Reaction Studios
    • Mixt by Graham Dickson at Hot Nights, London June '92
    • Sib vx mixt later by Michael Brook
    • David Ramsden, HollyCole, Rebecca Jenkins, Michael Phillip-Wojewoda, Ken Myhr: vocals
    • Ken Myhr: guitars
    • Anne Bourne: cello
    • Robert Ahai: bass
    • Graham Dickson: drum loops
    • Siberry: vocals and noodley guitar
  • The Vigil (the sea) (Siberry) 9'23
    • Produced by Siberry
    • Recorded at Mushroom and Reaction Studios, mixt at Winfield Sound
    • Mixt by Michael Phillip-Wojewoda at Winfield Sound autumn '91
    • Lead vx mixt at Real World Studios by Michael Brook with Richard Evans - engineer, Russel Kearny - assistant
    • Rebecca Jenkins, David Ramsden, Paul Douglas: voices
    • Ken Myhr: guitar
    • John Switzer: bass
    • Anne Bourne: cello
    • Sib: vx / keyboards
  • At the Beginning of Time (Siberry) 7'20
    • Produced by Siberry
    • Recorded at Reaction Studios autumn '91
    • Mixt by Michael Phillip-Wojewoda at Winfield Sound
    • Sib vx mixt later by Michael Brook
    • Ken Myhr: guitars
    • David Ramsden, Ken Myhr, Andy Stochansky: vocals
    • Ken Myhr, Michael Phillip-Wojewoda: percussion
    • Siberry: keyboards, vx
  • Love is Everything (harmony version) (Siberry) 5'51




When I Was a Boy When I Was a Boy When I Was a Boy


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