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Jane Siberry Maria


Jane Siberry


WEA / Warner Bros.
29 August 1995

mix (selected tracks): Michael Brook


  1. Maria (Siberry) 4:25
  2. See the Child (Siberry) 6:24
  3. Honey Bee (Siberry) 4:17
  4. Caravan (Siberry) 7:30
  5. Lovin' Cup (Siberry) 3:39
  6. Begat Begat (Siberry) 6:33
  7. Goodbye Sweet Pumpkinhead (Siberry) 4:35
  8. Would You Go? (Ray / Siberry) 7:20
  9. Mary Had... (Siberry) 1:58
  10. Oh My My (Siberry) 20:15




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