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Sleeps With the Fishes

Sleeps with the Fishes

Pieter Nooten / Michael Brook


1987 (reissued 2 December 1993)

All tracks written by Pieter Nooten.
Produced and Engineered by Michael Brook.
Thanks: J.P. Rykiel and Brian Eno for DX7 sounds. Nigel K. Hine for additional engineering.
Michael Brook appears courtesy of Opal Ltd.
Published by Momentum Music.

Sleeve Art Direction and Design: Vaughan Oliver. Calligraphy: Christopher Bigg. Back sleeve Photography: Diana Grandi. Colour Photograph: Sarah Tucker.


  1. Several Times I (Nooten) 3'02
  2. Searching (Nooten) 3'22
  3. The Choice (Nooten) 4'29
  4. After the Call (Nooten) 5'16
  5. Finally II (Nooten) 1'53
  6. Instrumental (Nooten) 3'53
  7. Suddenly II (Nooten) 1'30
  8. Suddenly I (Nooten) 2'36
  9. Clouds (Nooten) 4'27
  10. Finally I (Nooten) 3'49
  11. Several Times II (Nooten) 2'05
  12. Equal Ways (Nooten) 5'00
  13. These Waves (Nooten) 3'12
  14. Time (Nooten) 1'51
  15. Several Times III (Nooten) 1'12


Sleeps With the Fishes came out on 4AD in 1987 but was apparently not released in the US.

Curiously, the liner notes do not include any indication of instrumentation. However, there does appear to be some evidense of a certain familiar infinite guitar in the mix.


Sleeps With the Fishes Sleeps With the Fishes Sleeps With the Fishes Sleeps With the Fishes Sleeps With the Fishes


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