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Babbling Brook a compendium of articles reviews and interviews

from the tour programme of 'The Road to Graceland'
by Paul Tingen, 1993
[archived here without permission]
Please check out Paul Tingen's site, including excerpts of his own music, featuring treatments by Michael Brook.

Michael BrookMichael Brook has been a driving force in musical innovation ever since he studied Indian music with minimalist composer La Monte Young, and met avant-garde trumpeter Jon Hassell in his native Toronto, Canada. Having studied electronic guitar and electronics in art he went on to work as a studio engineer in Bob and Daniel Lanois' Grant Avenue studio in Ontario in the late 70s and early 80s. It was through his connection with the Lanois brothers that he ended up playing on two of Brian Eno's albums, Possible Musics (1980, with Jon Hassell) and On Land (1984).

Brook has since gained a reputation as a guitarist of distinction, playing live with Martha and the Muffins, and has put his electronics background to good use in developing what he called the 'infinite guitar' - a normal guitar equipped with an electronic device giving infinite sustain and a unique soaring guitar sound. Michael put it to very uncharacteristic use on his first solo album Hybrid (1986), a moody, ambient work featuring Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. The infinite guitar can be heard in its full glory on his second solo release, Cobalt Blue (1992) as well as Live at the Aquarium (1992). The latter is a documentation of his amazing live solo performance during which he played much Cobalt Blue material, accompanying his infinite guitar with an array of synthesizer sounds and drum samples - all played live from his guitar and looped via delays.

Meanwhile, from his current home base in London, Brook has also become one of the world's most respected producers, working with such artists as Roger Eno, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Jane Siberry, and The Pogues, and is especially well-known for his work with world artists like Youssou N'Dour (Set), Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Mustt Mustt), and Cheb Khaled (Khaled).

His most recent recorded work is as guest guitarist on the 1993 Bryan Ferry album Taxi.