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Music for Films III

Music for Films III

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Opal Records
30 August 1988

Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois, Michael Brook, Roger Eno, Laraaji, Harold Budd, John Paul Jones, Misha Mahlin, and Lydia Theremin
Executive Producer: Anthea Norman-Taylor

Front cover drawing by Brian Eno. Images and Design by Russell Mills. Photography by Jeff Veitch. All artwork copyright the respective creators. Used here without permission.


  • Err 4'02
    • Written, played by Michael Brook
    • Treatments by Brian Eno
    • Recorded in concert in Berlin, 1988
    • Produced by Michael Brook / Brian Eno, 1988
  • Zaragoza 3'05
    • Written and performed by Laraaji
    • Produced by Michael Brook / Brian Eno
    • Recorded in concert in Zaragoza and at Brian Eno's studio, Suffolk, 1987
  • Kalimba 2'47
    • Written and Played by Laraaji
    • Produced by Michael Brook
    • Recorded in concert in Berlin, 1988


"Err" is an alternate version of "Ultramarine," dramatically slowed down. But, in 1988, this would have seemed to be the original. I suspect it was performed in Berlin as usual, but slowed down in the mixing process. Brian Eno is notorious for this trick, one example being his inclusion of a slowed-down tape of "Discreet Music" as "Wind on Wind" on the Fripp/Eno album Evening Star.

"Ultramarine" was performed live in a more recognizable form at the Lanzarote Music Festival in December 1989, bootlegged on Shona. A final studio version wasn't released until Cobalt Blue in 1992.

This album also includes two tracks by Laraaji, produced by Brook and Eno. Eno had worked with Laraaji as early as 1980, producing the album Day of Radiance (tracks from which appear on A Brief History of Ambient Volumes one, two and three). Brook later produced an entire Laraaji album, Flow Goes the Universe, in 1993.

I found this gem new in a Rainbow Records in Pennsylvania, but I believe it's out of print (just a warning for the overzealous fans among you).


Music for Films III


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