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Roger Eno Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Roger Eno


25 April 1995

producer: Michael Brook


  1. Occam's Close Shave
  2. Ne Cede Melia
  3. The Last Resort
  4. Ventis Secundis
  5. Slow and Slender
  6. Mariachi Funeral
  7. Newton's Statue
  8. Quando Solus
  9. The Whispering Gallery
  10. The Hunch
  11. Domus in Nebulae
  12. Ember Days
  13. Rain Stopped Play
  14. Nostalgia Isn't What it Used to Be
  15. My Little Darling
  16. Docet Umbra
  17. Lost in Translation
  18. Evening Paragraphs
  19. The Green Grass


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