Welcome to Breakdown, an unofficial resource and discussion list about the innovative guitarist/producer Michael Brook. This site is infrequently updated, but contains a great deal of background info which will remain online. For up-to-date news and information, visit Michael Brook's official site and MySpace page.

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Voices Roger Eno


Roger Eno


Editions EG

Roger Eno: Piano
Alexander: Photography
David Bottrill: Assistant Engineer
Michael Brook: Remastering
Tony Cousins: Remastering
Daniel Lanois: Producer
Russell Mills: Art Direction, Design, Photography
Anthea Norman-Taylor: Photography
Roman Zak: Assistant Engineer


  1. Through the Blue
  2. A Paler Sky
  3. Evening Tango
  4. Recalling Winter
  5. Voices
  6. The Old Dance
  7. Reflections on I.K.B.
  8. A Place in the Wilderness
  9. The Day After
  10. At the Water's Edge
  11. Grey Promenade




Between Tides Lost in Translation Music for Films III