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Jon Hassell Sulla Strada

Sulla Strada

Jon Hassell / I. Magazinni (featuring Michael Brook and Nana Vasconcelos)


Materiali Sonori (MASO CD 90066, cd 1295700662)

Jon Hassell: Synthesizer, Trumpet, Producer, Engineer, Liner Notes, Tapes
Michael Brook: Guitar, Engineer, Mixing
Miguel Frasconi: Percussion

Dennis Keeley: Photography
Arlo Bigazzi: Remastering
Filippo Gabbrielli: Digital Editing


  1. Sotto Il Cielo, In Un Punto Qualsiasi (Hassell) 1'19
  2. Passaggio A Nord-Ovest (Hassell) 7'05
  3. Ho Avuto Una Visione, Anch'io! (Hassell) 1'16
  4. Temperature Variabili (Hassell) 7'00
  5. Camminavo Nella Sera Piena Di Lill (Hassell) 0'55
  6. Tenera La Notte (Hassell) 13'28
  7. Frontiera A Sud-Est (Hassell) 11'26
  8. Tramonto. Ccalso Umido (Hassell) 22'22
  9. Notte, Umidit Crescente (Hassell) 0'27


Visit the Materiali Sonori website. Excerpt: "Hassell's evocative music, conceived to create an atmosphere filled with ritual and overtly ethnic and dramatic references, documents Magazzini's performance arranged by Federico Tiezzi, and inspired by Jack Kerouac's masterpiece, "On The Road". It is an interweave of fascinating atmospheres and contemporaneity. Music performed by Jon Hassell, Michael Brook, Nana Vasconcelos and Miguel Frasconi."

1995 issue of Jon Hassell's score to a 1982 production of Sulla Strada by the Italian theatre company Maggazini.


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